DIY (Do It Yourself) Repair: Work on your bike at one of our eight workstations.  Once you sign in, we set you up with a complete tool set, a repair stand, and a clean workbench. We have a mechanic on duty for advice and help.  We also have used parts and some new parts available for repairs.

Touring cyclists who stopped by for repairs during their trip from Florida to California

A band of Touristas striking a pose after fixing their bikes during their trip from Florida to California

DIY Workstations

Bird’s eye view of the DIY Stations

Earn-A-Bike: Volunteer your way to a bike of your own!  This is a cash-free path to bike ownership.  Work through a checklist of common repair procedures for a set amount of time dependent on your age.  A great way to get rolling and learn some repair tricks in the process! More than 800 bikes have been earned through this program!

 Earn-a-Biker on her way to bike ownership

Working toward an Earned Bike

Mobile Bike Repair Workshop: The communities in Grant County outside of Silver City have no bike repair facilities, so we designed a program to meet that need. The County helped us with the tools & supplies needed to visit and help repair bikes in all the outlying communities in the area.  We drive our mobile shop to a small town, set up shop, and before long, we are surrounded by kids fixing their bikes. Like all our workshops, we are the facilitators, not the ones doing the repairs. We try to keep the cost of parts down to keep it accessible. This program is supported by The New Mexico Children’s Foundation.

Mobile Bike Repair Workshop in Gila

Kids in Gila, NM during a mobile shop visit

Community Bike Rides: Join us on our monthly rides in and around Silver City, NM.  These rides are tailored to the participants who attend and usually combine a mix of trail and street riding.  We have loaner bikes and helmets available.  Currently, the ride is scheduled for Saturdays 10am-2pm.  Come well fed with water, lunch or money, and a plan for fun!

Boston Hill ride

A break  during a ride on Boston Hill (Silver City in the background)


Riding over “The Net” on Boston Hill

Upcycled Bike Art:  Continually trying to find uses for bikes and parts past their prime, the Upcycled Bike Art program transforms scrap metal into works of art and utility. This program has a fundraising function as we sell crafted products at our Downtown Branch.

donation bin

Our Donation Bin at The Root shop

Affordable Reconditioned Bikes For Sale: Get a quality used bike for a bargain! We receive many donated bikes and those that are higher quality or have particular charm are fixed up for sale to support our educational programs. Check out our current Sale Bikes at the downtown Branch shop. We can even custom build a bike to suit your needs. Give us a call and we can talk about your dream bike.

bike rack

 Bikes at our Root Shop